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giant(s) online
How long have jordan and katelyn been dating?

I beeeeelieve next month will be 9 years?! ๐Ÿ˜

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i was a huuuge fan of the ready set from about 2009-2012. i had a blog and everything too haha! my music taste just changed and stuff around 2013 and i sort of stopped listening to him altogether but the other day i was like "i havent even heard his new album" so i decided to, and i dont know what the hell it is about the music, but after these years it's still just stuck me and i find myself easily back in love with it all over again. i just thought i'd share idk lol im happy about it

:) makes me stoked to hear that!

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what are all of jordans tattoos?
Posted 1 week ago   4 notes    
Okay so i went to warped in MN like a few days ago and Jordan did not have any m&g or signings. Im kind of bummed out because i basically went just for The Ready Set. Do you maybe have an idea why he didn't have any?? IM STILL SO SAD.

I know he had his bandhappy which would have been the same thing! other than that I’m not sure, each day is different, I’m sorry you went just for him and it didn’t work out for you :( I can almost say I guarantee he’ll be back this fall!!

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Hey! I was just wondering, I know Jordan said there'd be another tour after warped. Do you know anything on that topic?

it’s a headliner, full US & will be announced real soon after warped is over ๐Ÿ˜‰

Posted 1 week ago   15 notes