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#thereadyset in the house
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Jordan @thereadyset came by our offices this week! Check out the brand-new “Higher” available everywhere now:


Today we’re kicking off a brand-new The Bad & The Better Podcast Series!! Each week we’re going to be publishing a new podcast with Jordan giving behind-the-scenes details on what each song is about and the writing process.

Check out the first one for “Higher” now, and get the single on iTunes at

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New lyric video for “Higher.” Get the song right now when you pre-order The Bad & The Better on iTunes:

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How are people getting Jordan's snap chats?

he made a snapchat! readysetmusic

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has anyone put up a lyric video to higher? i can't find the lyrics to higher online and i want to learn them

tomorrow ;)

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Im excited that this song is the first single off The Bad & The Better. It’s about climbing out of a dark place that, upon realization, may have been something that you created in your mind. Sometimes things are not as they appear. You can interpret that appearance and change it. Find the beauty in everything. via Instagram

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In celebration of Higher being released today, I put up a new shirt on my store!

Grab the single on iTunes today! ❤️❤️ via Instagram

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Title: The Ready Set
Artist: Higher
Played: 2822 times

Jordan premiered his new single “Higher” this past weekend in Boston! Listen to it here now!

What do you think!?

Polaroid / @jajajaredthomas
Hanging with Jordan of @thereadyset …new single is called ‘higher’ be on the lookout! #thereadyset #higher #lovelikewoe #youngforever
Do you think kiss 108 will let people in tomorrow or al least do you think i would be abled to see him idk i think it would be weird being like the only one there but i live in the area

I think so!

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