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#thereadyset in the house
Jordan @thereadyset came by our offices this week! Check out the brand-new “Higher” available everywhere now:
Title: The Ready Set
Artist: Higher
Played: 2808 times

Jordan premiered his new single “Higher” this past weekend in Boston! Listen to it here now!

What do you think!?

Polaroid / @jajajaredthomas
Hanging with Jordan of @thereadyset …new single is called ‘higher’ be on the lookout! #thereadyset #higher #lovelikewoe #youngforever

Some behind the scenes shots from the music video for the new single Jordan shot yesterday! Which song do you hope it will be? #thebadandthebetter

The Ready Set’s new album “The Bad & The Better” will be released May, 27th! You can preorder on iTunes or a bundle here now!


  • Higher
  • Freakin Me Out
  • Are We Happy Now?
  • Fangz
  • Carry Me Home
  • Luxury
  • Bitter and the Sweetness
  • Don’t You Need Me
  • Bleeding
  • Castaway (Feat. Jake Miller)
  • Give Me Your Hand 
  • For The Better 
  • More Than This
  • Terrible Things

Jordan also released he’s signed with Razor & Tie records! Congrats Jordan! Here’s to a good rest of the year! *dancing girl emoji*

The Captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign so please remain seated.

edit: jordan didnt say himself (exactly) a month, but it should be here extremely soon.

new music on top of a full length, (extremely) possible tour before warped, warped, and then all that comes after wards! going to be a crazy year and im stoked to see who’s all stuck around and excited to welcome those who will soon know what its like to be a giant 

Jordan on The Gunz Show

Jordan’s gonna be on the Gunz Show tonight and apparently sounds like he’s got some details you may have been wanting to know!! tune in now

Jordan goes downtown LA to Apliiq and suddenly turns 45% snake